Live Edge Maple Dining Table

We made this for a lovely young couple here in Houston, and it graces their inner-loop home.  This live edge beauty is the center of attention at dinner parties and other gatherings. We used a hand rubbed oil finish that looks gorgeous and will provide years of protection.


Beautiful design and a dramatic walnut slab combine to create this unique table recently featured in a designer showcase home. This live edge Walnut slab was found in a small mill back East which caught my eye. A custom hand made metal leg supports one end. We cut a bevel cut across the width of the table to make this "diving board" style, which allows the grain to wrap continuously around from the leg to the top.

Live Edge Walnut writing desk with acrylic base

The walnut slab on this live edge desk seems to float thanks to its acrylic slab base. We searched the country to find the most beautiful claro walnut we could find for this project. Our efforts were rewarded with this stunning piece that not only had incredible beauty, but a perfect shape for our clients home-based office in Florida.


Beauty and sustainability combine in this dining table which was crafted from a 110 year old Ash tree that grew right here in Houston's urban forest. The tree was removed for road construction, and would have ended up in a landfill had it not been milled for this table. Supporting this thirteen foot long slab are custom hand made stainless steel legs.


This table has it all! A fantastic live edge slab top, turquoise inlay, and a custom bent-steel double helix base.  The interplay between the dark burl wood and the brushed metal base is a delight for the senses, and the turquoise inlay adds just the right touch of "eye candy" to make this a complete delight.


We made a "river" of walnut to join these two pieces local Houston Chinese Tallow, and the result is this organic kitchen island.  Guests to the clients  home are drawn to it, and exclaim "wow!" upon first seeing this piece. We finished the piece with all natural oil and wax, and used no VOC paint for the base.  We custom matched the base color to a favorite picture frame that also resides in the kitchen, and  made all the drawers with dovetail joints.


Live Oak is one of the most beautiful shade trees in the southern United States, but is rarely used in furniture production. Too bad, because it is both beautiful and extremely durable. This particular piece came from a tree that grew right here in Houston, and is slightly spalted along the edges, which adds even greater depth to its character. Custom hand made metal legs provide support.


The wood in this bench comes, not from an exotic forest, but from Houston. It is a common red oak that is beautifully spalted, creating long dark streaks that resemble zebrawood. The waterfall design on both legs allows the grain to wrap all the way from leg to leg and across the seat in one continuous pattern, making this a true one-of-a-kind piece. Use this as a bench or a small table.


Almost nothing can beat the beauty of a pecan slab, except a spalted pecan slab. This small bench has a live edge, spalted pecan top and riftsawn white oak legs, with a through mortise stretcher. It is small and lightweight and could be used as a small coffee table or bench.


This live edge table features slightly spalted cottonwood which results in a wonderful variety of color contrasts throughout the wood. The table is 42" wide and 52" in length and is supported by custom metal legs. The tree, like many of those used in our furniture, grew in Houston's urban forest and would otherwise have been sent to a landfill.


Solid walnut and beautiful birdseye maple combine to create wonderful contrast in this piece. It features a bevel cut in the walnut that allows the grain to wrap around the edge in a continuous pattern. The birdseye leg "pierces" through the maple creating visual interest.


The assignment was to design a table that would work with contrasting light and dark wood throughout the clients newly renovated loft. We located the highly figured curly maple that graces the center of the table in a boutique mill in Pennsylvania, and contrasted it with walnut, flame birch and zebrawood to create our take on the classic Parsons table. True mortise and tenon joinery means that this table will provide generations of service.


Sometimes smaller really is better! This small live edge burled oak slab was perfect for this contemporary urban organic style computer stand. The custom metal legs feature black cross cables to add visual interest.


We found this shimmering piece of cottonwood in northern Michigan. The crotch grain adds tremendous character, and some color contrast to the lighter sapwood. But the main attraction was the incredible figure and "curl" throughout the wood. We made custom metal legs to support the live edge top.


We located this stunning Elm slab in a boutique mill in New England and selected it for the table we made for this Victorian home. Adding to the beauty are hand cut "butterfly" keys in true "Nakashima style" that provide stability along the naturally occurring checks and cracks.


Funky meets functional in this live edge desk! The desk top is made from two bookmatched two slabs of spalted oak. Its left edge is bevel cut and "folded" over; and then set into slot in the top of the cherry credenza. The right side rests on an old radiator. Very unique styling, yet it is extremely functional as well.