Commissioning a piece of furniture is an exciting thing and is perhaps the best way to get the perfect piece for your unique space. We work with designers, homeowners, architects, corporate and institutional clients to design and make unmatched works of functional art.

The process typically begins with the client contacting us by phone or email to discuss what they have in mind. Sometimes they provide images or drawings of an “inspiration piece” to help guide the discussion. Other times we simply discuss in general terms what is desired.

After the initial discussion, we generally identify 3-6 wood slab samples that seem like good candidates for the project, as well as other general design details, such as table base. Those initial samples and design are sent to the client, along with a “Good Faith Estimate” of the price range for the project. From there, we fine tune the details until we come to an agreement on all aspects of the project.

A formal Proposal / Work Order is then sent to the client summarizing all the design & material details, as well as project terms & conditions. Typically a 50% deposit will get the project scheduled. Lead times can vary but commonly run about 12-16 weeks.

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