Earlier this year I was commissioned to make a live edge table inspired by the style of George Nakashima by the New York design firm owned by Bob and Cortney Novogratz. They had a client on Long Island and they thought a Nakashima table would be just the right thing for the den.

It turns out this clients project is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz” on Saturday, September 1 at 7:00 eastern / 6:00 central time. I’m not sure if the table will be part of the episode, which will focus on the kitchen remodel, but if you follow this link to the Nakashima Table on my website, you’ll see a picture of it in the cozy den of the newly remodeled home.

At the time I was commissioned to make the table, I didn’t know the home was going to be featured on the show. But I did know the client’s move-in date was getting very close, and that they hoped to have this table done by that time. To make a long story short, I ended up making the 3 day drive myself to assure it got there in time.

Though it was a long drive, I’m so very glad I did it, because I had the pleasure of touring the home just as it was nearing completion, and to meet Anabel and Allison of the Novogratz team. And what a delight that was! Although things were hectic, with the deadline for completion (and filming the episode) right there, they both took the time to show me some of the beautiful features of the home. It was simply gorgeous!

I was especially pleased to see their reaction to the Nakashima table. One of the true rewards of being a craftsperson is when a client responds so positively to one of my creations. That they were also so very pleasant to work with made this project extra special.

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