Wood Slab Inventory

We just went live with over 1,000 wood slabs for sale on our website! This is one of the largest inventories of slabs for sale anywhere in the country. Pricing for the many of these slabs ranges from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars and up. The...

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Solid Wood or Veneer?

My clients often tell me they don’t want veneered furniture. Instead, they want real “solid wood”. I understand that concern, but the truth is veneered furniture can actually be quite good. Like so many things in life, the devil is in the details.

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Nakashima Table

Earlier this year I was commissioned to make a live edge table inspired by the style of George Nakashima by the New York design firm owned by Bob and Cortney Novogratz. They had a client on Long Island and they thought a Nakashima table would be just the right thing...

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Is Wood a Sustainable Resource?

I’m often asked if wood is a sustainable product. People are naturally concerned about deforestation, particularly in the rainforest. So here’s a short primer on the subject. Periodically I’ll revisit this topic with additional comments. So, is wood a sustainable...

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Happy New Year

Here’s to wishing all our clients, friends and future friends a healthy, joyous, and prosperous new year. We’ve had a wonderful 2012. Among other things, we were honored to be selected to make a number of pieces for the new on campus Texas A&M Hillel, to receive...

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Houston Independents Forum

The Houston Independents Forum provides wonderful networking opportunities for local small businesses and independents.  The next event for the group will be held right here at Greenwood Bay Woodworking Studio on Wednesday, April 18 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.   ...

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Drought Trees

Several years ago we had to remove the largest, oldest tree in our backyard because it had started to die back, and was dropping branches on our neighbor’s yard. We called the tree service, had them cut it down, and haul it off to a landfill. We hated to see it go. It...

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Greenwood Bay Blog Intro

Hello and welcome to this, my first blog post! This blog will cover a wide range of topics, all of which relate back to my passion: making and owning beautiful wood pieces. I will offer advice, answer questions, give opinions, and pass along information that I hope...

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